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  • Professionalism:

    TCL is founded on sound investment through active participation and management principals; all our work is conducted transparently and utilises the best expertise.

    Adding value:

    TCL seels to enhance the value of its investments through active participation and managerial insight. TCL brings something unique to the table; a hard-working and capable team that boosts instrinsic value

    Role model:

    TCL sets a new type of example for others to follow -  unquestionable integrity in all its dealings with intelligent application of investment insight.

    Team spirit:

    TCL is greater than the sum of its parts. It works with a spirit of inclusiveness and belonging, and is focused on the perfomance of the team

    Social responsibility:

    TCL is about more than just a shareholder wealth. It is a responsible corporate citizen that upholds equal opportunity, environmental protection and accountability in all its dealings. It promotes wider social and economic development through its investements